I did not know what to expect with my first Soltec experience, and at first, my mind tried to follow the music to predict a pattern. Then my mind gave up, and my body let go and surrendered to the experience. I fell asleep about 20 minutes in for a duration of about 15 minutes.

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My first experience was like watching a movie of my mind. For most of the session, I was a figure who resembled Harry Potter being led by an invisible force through a circular maze of white walls. I was navigating a storm with dark skies surrounding the white walls, and I had the sense that I (as Harry Potter) was navigating the rounded corners of my own mind.

I felt comfortable, both in the chair and in the visualizations the chair produced in my mind and intrigued as I navigated the maze. When my 50 minutes were up, I felt reluctant for the session to end and wished I could have had another one immediately, as I felt the desire to probe the maze further and see the next act of the “movie.”

After the session was over, my mind felt clearer with much less busyness and fewer thoughts racing around, which made me feel relieved and calm as my mind typically deals with racing thoughts on a daily basis. The calm and clear state I felt at the end was like that achieved after meditation, with an added level of personal insight and probing.

My second Soltec experience was more emotionally charged for me. In the beginning, there was an image of a white goat in a field of dandelions. The goat kept turning its head, waiting for me to follow. When I did, I felt myself being pulled down through a rainbow-colored glass funnel and then being carried along by waves of light.

During this time, I felt intrigued and a bit nervous. The currents of light led me high into the clouds to kneel at the feet of a luminous, God-like being, dressed in a white robe. I felt distressed, sad, and remorseful, and kneeled before him with my head in my hands. The spiritual being then placed his hands on my shoulders and patted my arms, and in doing so gave me a gift of reassurance that “everything is going to be okay.”

Then, back on the ground, the confusion I still felt over what I’d experienced with the luminous being manifested itself in the form of goat horns—long tentacles coming out from both sides of my forehead. I was, at the same time, the producer of the goat horns and a tiny figure trying to feel my way through the tentacles, and the stress and concern I felt while doing so. This was my emerging awareness of my own personal being. When I did find my way through the goat tentacle maze, I transformed into a being full of lightness and wearing a white, flowing gown, and I felt relieved and joyful.

When in the next episode I was sitting on cool, blue platforms of ice, which melted from under me as I continually moved from one to the next, I no longer felt stressed or discouraged, but felt optimistic and fulfilled. At the end of my session, I was standing in a field facing into a huge, orange sun and wind and feeling embraced by the force of the light and warmth, and in that moment I felt inspired and felt immense gratitude …for life and my newfound sense of peace.

Through Soltec, I experienced more imagination and rest in a shorter amount of time than through regular sleep. Although I wished the session were longer, the hour that I was in the Soltec chair provided as much or more restfulness and recharge than six hours of regular nightly sleep.

I usually do remember my dreams, but they often are rooted in reality and are manifestations of something I’m stressed about or that is unresolved, and by the end of the night’s sleep and dream, the incident is usually still unresolved and I wake up still feeling stressed and concerned. Soltec was different.

Although I have no experience with psychedelic drugs, the emotional and visual associations that are reached during a Soltec session, and the heightened awareness of oneself that is achieved, are likely comparable to the euphoric highs reached through psychedelics—the clarity and “high” without actual drugs.

Chiropractic care and acupuncture are useful for healing and aligning the body, but they do not address the subconscious mind and its relationship to the body like Soltec does, and I sometimes leave a chiropractic or acupuncture session feeling disappointed. A chiropractic adjustment is very quick and mechanical, and acupuncture uses an invasive needle approach to treat the body.

Soltec, on the other hand, provides an all over mental and physical release without any invasiveness or mechanical adjustment. Regular massage is also very calming and stress-relieving, but does not usually lead to any kind of emotional release. It treats the body on more of a surface level, working out the knots, rather than the deeper emotional and physical level that Soltec does. And my Soltec session was, hands down, the most relaxed I’ve ever felt. It’s truly amazing that a chair and magnetic pull can allow the body to achieve this.

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I felt very comfortable and relaxed in my first Soltec Lounge experience. The design of it, I felt completely cradled and supported like a baby being held. Like a need for physically being held. I currently notice that I am not getting the physical touch I prefer in my daily life and Soltec provided that support.

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The vibration going through my whole body and then the support of the chair fulfilled that need for being physically held.

My initial thought was I would just get on the Soltec Lounge and pass out from how comfortable it was and that wasn’t the experience. My experience was kinda a roller coaster. Feeling emotions of sadness at certain times and emotions of hope. Then noticing my mind wander all over and then it settling and being more still in the moment.

When the music first started I felt like a kid at the IMAX theater at a science museum. larger than life. Epic. New adventure experience. The music was wonderful and then the way it vibrated through my body was interesting.

From the beginning, there was mental imagery. The very first thing I saw was purple spheres surrounded by a golden aura that was floating down and it was very abstract. And from there I imagined I was on some exotic avatar planet somewhere. And that was pure bliss, no sadness, no frustration, just an amazing extra-terrestrial uplifting and loving world.

Certain tones that were coming from Soltec reminded me of the science museum. There are staircases, that if you step on each stair, your foot triggers a laser sensor which triggers a sound to be heard. I had an image of me on those stairs making that music. I was brought back to a general sense of when I was young and feeling happy with family at the science museum.

It seemed like I didn’t fall asleep because I noticed I was still “awake”. It seemed to go by extremely fast and when the music stopped after 50 min, I thought it had only going for 10 or 15 min. I heard my mind say, “I need more.” (laughing)

I felt sad at times when I noticed it was wandering to judgments to comparing me to other people and not matching up. During that time the music was “darker” and right after that the music changed and then my thinking changed. That’s when I felt hopeful and had the thought of what was comparing myself then hearing my Soul communicate, “that’s the not-self”. “You don’t have to worry about that, you can just let that go and be you and that is good enough. Just be.”

I noticed that everything was shiny.

If you feel sometimes isolated, lonely or experiencing a lack of physical touch in your life and don’t have someone to help you meet that need. Soltec Lounge could be that option for you.

I’m interested to try it again to see if that comes with future sessions when I can experience Soltec and completely let go and go into that calm and meditative state.

Definitely, give it a try. you don’t know until you do and it can’t hurt to experience this, it feels great.



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It has been such a comfort to work with you.

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I believe BodyTalk works and I know the way I feel today is much due to your help. Meeting you amidst my darkest depression meet my needs for safety, comfort and reassurance.

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I was referred to Nathan via a friend of mine to help me get more insight regarding my overeating issues. I’ve never had an eating disorder but after months of deep healing work, I developed emotional eating habits and I wanted to know why my mind and body felt the need to overeat.

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Nathan did a remote Bodytalk session with me. During the session I was meditating and I heard hollow abdominal sounds and felt things moving in that region. Within a couple of days, Nathan shared the results of the Bodytalk session with me via video chat and email and I was amazed by the detail of diagnosis. A lot of things he shared about my body, resonated with me and sounded familiar.

I got a lot of insight into the beliefs that were stuck in my body and it provided me with a sense of relief to know what was going on in my body. On top of that Nathan provided a lot of background information and resources such as books, techniques and meditations to help me live more in tune with my body and human design. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and I’m grateful for all the support he has given me.

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