In 2009, I transitioned my focus from a career in the food industry to help direct people who discover why they do what they do and to help them manage their energy more effectively.

After learning The BodyTalk System, I established a waiting list of people who were eager to meet their needs for a challenge by going deeper than massage, chiropractic, cranial sacral, yoga, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine.

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Not long into my new career, hundreds of well-seasoned healthcare practitioners (from energy workers, wellness coaches and massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists) began hearing about my ability to see beyond the physical reality.

In being able to take people in on a deep level and reflect back to them their transformation through BodyTalk session and being an advisor, clients learned they could get their needs met on a much deeper level than other ways where they were experiencing frustration.

I continue to develop my skills learning nutrition, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, The Human Design System and psychology.

I contribute these and other advanced topics at a meetup I do this with friends. To learn more please visit

I practice BodyTalk and facilitate Soltec Lounge sessions in northeast Minneapolis, MN.


  • CareerHearted Graduate
  • BodyTalk Access
  • BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Usui Reiki
  • Conscious Communication Mentor
  • Human Design: Living Your Design and ABC’s
  • Soltec Lounge Distributor

I am all for originality. The power to express and evoke individual and creative inspiration.

Representing a potential for originality and creation out of the individual self. Creativity attracts people. I have a constant desire to express myself and enjoy being known and seen. My creativity sometimes only occurs in moments of solitude, suddenly and unpredictably.

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Creativity wants to unfold for its own sake, not always for money and recognition. I embody the regulating male energy of Yang, which represents a creative power that cannot be forced deliberately.

I notice myself having the potential to keep things going and has a need for expression independent of success, even though success is built into my human design. I love to keep the creative process going.

I enjoy exchanging meaningful ideas and stories I have experienced on my YouTube Channel. This specialization enables me to use language in all its abundance.

I wrap my experiences in life, and also the experiences of others, into stories and anecdotes, and loves it when I gain the attention of my audience or evoke a response from them.

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Through my storytelling, others are highly stimulated by my ideas and experiences. I am always curious to be aware of new things and forever in search of new ideas and answers. I’m much more interested in this process of searching, than in finding the answers or the results.

Many people find my ideas valuable. These ideas are therefore less suited to solve my own problems, as the nature and result of this specialization always remains abstract and the answer that I give is not always concrete and directly applicable. “The way is the goal” – That’s what is really true for me.

My personal mission is all about taking an individual, creative path in life in life in order to immortalize my creativity through originality. Owing to this everlasting testimony other people, too, will find meaning in their realization for their embodied Higher Self.

It is essential that I remain patient and open-minded and consider life-long learning a life task. I have a claim to leadership that requires full decision powers in order to lead others into the future and provides solutions to problems.

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My particular gift is to overcome obstacles and to recognize the talents and skills of others is owed to the fact that I am aware of how to listen attentively, fully grasping the experiences and lessons of others, which gifts me the means to develop suitable strategies. And be successful with others through individualization strengths.

Having explored different paths and thus knowing the solution to problems is my basis for changing value creation processes by combining beauty and intuition.

Being a coordinator, my own energy supply is limited. I am not a workhorse capable of unfolding his life’s energy at all times, nor am I compelled to do so.

I possess the valuable talent of easily perceiving other people’s life force and, based on this perception, coordinating it. This enables me to guide and direct others. I have a built-in management and leadership qualities in terms of “sensible guidance”.

My aura is characterized by its unique capability to focus on and respond to other people. I am interested in the people around me and in how they use their energy and life force.

Owning to me a well-developed sense of perception, I am capable of realizing and seeing what you need. I am effective at empathizing with others, which helps me detect whether or not you use your life force efficiently and to your satisfaction, peace of mind and success.

I have a gift to see through even complex systems. When I use this intellectual quality with empathy, I am capable to fulfill leadership tasks very sensitively and become an e exceptionally gifted coordinator. I am more of a sensitive guide than an authoritarian leader.

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I get appreciation because this management-mode represents a modern and up-to-date form of leadership, and appreciation and success are very important to me because I’m am aware of what it takes to make cooperation successful.

“I specialize in cooperation”. And this calls for emphatic coordinators who know how to delegate on a large scale.