Active Memory

Active Memory: This disconnects the link between the brain and the emotional charge stored with a memory regarding Belief Systems (love, sexuality, sensuality, body image), Events pertaining to one’s entire life, including: past relationships, lifetime periods, fetal life, childbirth, specific events and fears and


Allergies: are categorized here as the body’s immediate over-reactions to one or more substances. Over-reactions usually involve symptoms like hives, rashes, asthma, headaches, diarrhea, sneezing, or nausea.


Biofeedback: Certified BodyTalk Practitioners use a biofeedback technique to communicate with the client’s Innate Wisdom and follow an extensive protocol to determine which priorities need to be addressed and in w which sequence.
These are important features of the BodyTalk System that make it unique among the other health care modalities that are currently available. By using the biofeedback technique (which consists of gently pulling on the client’s arm),
the clients Innate Wisdom is in command of the session, not the Practitioner.

The client’s Innate indicates what needs to be addressed first – of all the problems and symptoms the client may or may not be aware of.

Birth Vivaxis

Birth Vivaxis: This will strengthen the link between the client and their birth Vivaxis (at moment of birth we’re stamped with an energy configuration based on many factors, one of them being the orientation of the planets at the time of birth).

Body Chemistry

Body Chemistry: Balancing body to substances it reacts to: Microbes such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi), Toxins, Allergies, Intolerance’s (to food, etc.).

Body Parts

Body Parts: All other areas of the body from a western anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) standpoint are included in this category.

The brain (cortices for higher thinking and moving, etc. the limbic brain for emotions, etc. and the reptilian brain for basic survival-type actions such as heart rate, breathing, etc.), the back, chest, abdomen, limbs, joints, connective tissue, skin, blood, nerves, lymph, muscles, skeleton, fat, and complete systems including: respiratory, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, reproductive, nervous, etc.

The cells of each area of the body can also be regularly identified and balanced, right down to the DNA, the mitochondria (energy producers), the cell membrane, etc.

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access: is a health care program that can be learned by virtually anyone and has the potential of reaching everyone: parents can do the BodyTalk Access techniques daily on their children, coaches can include the Access techniques in pre-game warm-ups, nurses can tap out patients, in their care, firemen can supplement their first aid protocol with these energetic techniques, or lay people trained as BodyTalk Access Technicians can provide these
techniques in parts of the country where access to medical facilities is limited or non-existent.

Body Vivaxis

Body Vivaxis: Energically moves one body part in relation to another. The body part will then physically move itself into a more compatible position.

Cell Repair

Cell Repair: This describes the priority or technique the Bodymind employs to repair harmful ramifications of vaccines, chemical pollutants, acute diseases, genetic disorder and severe emotional trauma.


Chakras: These energy centers of transformation step down subtle energies and transform them into nerve, cellular, & hormonal energy.

The 49 subchakras are also utilized. This form of healing is an ancient art and enhances the Bodymind dynamics to enable remarkable healing.

(8th) Chakra

8th Chakra: Addresses influences from the past, including family genetics (3 – 5 generations), religious (persecutions, etc.) or cultural issues, events (subconscious memory of horrible death that influences health today), and environmental factors such as a forest fire or tsunami that caused sever emotional and possibly physical ailments, etc

Chinese Clock

Chinese Clock: Each house and meridian represents a two hour period on the clock and refers to, among other things, the following:

3am – 5am: lungs

5am – 7am: large intestine

7am – 9am: stomach

9am – 11am spleen

11am – 1pm: heart

1 pm – 3 pm: small intestine

3pm – 5pm: bladder

5pm – 7 pm: kidney

7pm – 9pm: heart constrictor

9pm – 11pm: three heater

11pm – 1am: gall bladder

1am – 3am: liver

Because the Bodymind moves through these cycles, all BodyTalk sessions will take 24 hours to work through all the meridians or houses.

Circulation (Blood)

Circulation (Blood): Addresses blood supply to, from, or within an organ, endocrine or body part.

Circulation (Lymph)

Circulation (Lymph): Addresses draining lymph from and within areas of the body, or in the case of Chinese Medicine, draining thoughts from areas of the body.

Circulation (Nerve)

Circulation (Nerve): Addresses nerve supply to, from, or within an organ, endocrine or body part.

Circulation (Spinal Nerves)

Circulation (Spinal Nerves): Addresses the spinal nerves: Somatic (voluntary), Sympathetic (fight, flight) Parasympathetic (tend, befriend).


Consciousness: As everything is consciousness, this technique addresses many aspects of the human condition including: misperception of self, the concept of self vs. others, personality modification, mortality, enthusiasm, inspiration, goal-oriented actions, control, judgment, inhibitions, self-esteem, unburdening, open-mindedness, synthesis, pathological and natural consciousness of all organs, endocrines and body parts.


Cortices: a technique that balances the left and right hemispheres of the cortices in the brain with astounding results.

When the brain is functioning optimally, it is reflected in the body. A common feeling after this technique is done is a comforting sense of well-being.


Definition:  is adding more information to the formula.

Western anatomy and physiology is used, emotions, other systems such as a trigger point in a muscle being touched during the tap out.

The Chinese five elements, consciousness, and the five senses will help define a priority or a link.


Details: are details from our Life’s story and experiences that add more information about the priority or one of the links to ensure that the ‘net is cast widely’ to gather all pertinent data around your health concern.


Endocrines: Includes the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, testes, and adrenals.

When the endocrines come up as a priority or a link, communication between them and other areas is being enhanced or re-established.

Environmental Vivaxis

Environmental Vivaxis: This balances the client to their environment and has been used effectively to balance many issues, including when the client feels like they don’t ‘fit’ in.

Exaggerated Breathing

Exaggerated Breathing: Deep breathing is important for a number of reasons.

Just getting more oxygen into the body can improve health on its own.

Oxygen is vital to every cell in producing energy for all biochemical reactions.

The more oxygen is available, the more energy can be created.

Five Elements

Five Elements: The Chinese Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood and all their concordances) are used in BodyTalk to balance the body in a number of different ways.

An example would be to bring the fire element, specifically, heat, to the kidneys that are excessive in cold, and thereby, increase the efficiency of the kidneys.

Five Senses

The world is seen through the five subtle (energetic) and the physical senses and include: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

BodyTalk sees them as the ‘sticky fly paper’ that gathers and stores faulty information that affects the senses.

For example, if the physical sense of hearing were to be a healing priority, it would indicate that, possibly, there is a physical hearing problem.

If the subtle sense of hearing were the priority, it could indicate that what is being heard is distorted.

This technique individuates (frees) the senses and results in better hearing physically, and better hearing, at a subtle level (hearing the truth).


Follow-up: At the end of the session, the practitioner asks if there is a follow-up session required and advises you of the numbers of days, weeks, or months for the next session indicated by innate wisdom.

You, of course, are free to book or not book another appointment.

In emergency cases, the follow-up may be necessary in minutes or hours rather than days.


Formula: similar to a math formula to solve an equation, BodyTalk uses all the factors that make up the human body and combines them in the order shown by innate wisdom necessary to balance the Bodymind and generate healing.


Frequency: is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy flow (or communication) that is constant between any two points.

Everything has an electrical frequency

General Environment

General Environment:  Balances the Bodymind to any environmental factors that are affecting it Under this category one may be balanced to a person place, object, action, event, animal, work, money, emotion, etc


Houses: The Bodymind energies move through the 12 houses on a daily cycle represented in the Chinese clock. The houses represent stages of human development, from birth to self-knowledge and death.


Hydration:  Hydration enables cells in the body to utilize water. The human body consists of 70-90% water (we contain more water as babies and begin to dry out with age).

If dehydration is present anywhere in the body, even if large quantities of water are being consumed, the cells will not be able to utilize the water properly.

Common symptoms include: arthritic pain, general amplification of pain, impaired metabolism, undernourishment, lethargy, cellular degeneration, poor coordination, and gastrointestinal pain.

Nothing in the body can occur with out water.

Communication between cells of the organs, endocrines and different body parts is dependent on water.

Innate Wisdom

Innate Wisdom:  The body has an inborn ability to heal itself at all levels.
Innate wisdom is the intelligence that drives the Bodymind towards homeostasis, or balance.

It is that which animates you.

It has a clear record of all your genetic information, all you experiences, all your emotions, all your physical, mental
and spiritual ailments – since the time of your conception.

While it would be impossible for you to remember or even know all of those details, your innate wisdom knows everything that makes you, you; and it knows what areas of the Bodymind must be addressed to achieve balance for healing.


Interference: Removing or balancing environmental factors that could interfere with the session will enhance the balancing of the Bodymind during the session.

For example: 1. Removing a cell phone from a pocket.

Or 2. If there is a pin in the ankle, it may have to be linked to the ski accident that necessitated the pin, and tapped out before the session can continue, as that factor (the pin) was unbalancing the Bodymind to the point of interfering with the balancing of the rest of the body.


Intolerances: Often food related, are categorized here as a more insidious or slower reaction that the body has to one or more substances.

The reactions may not start to occur for a few days after contact with the substance, making it much more difficult for the person to realize its harm on the body.


Links: The direct connection between items and destinations the Bodymind communicates is a priority to explore and address.

Link is another word for “re-establishing communication” within the Bodymind complex that connects seemingly unrelated items or events together to build the formula to be implemented in a BodyTalk session.

Links is a way our Bodymind shows us clearly the relationships between all items and events and what item and events need linking to re-establish communication (information) to synchronize all activities the way nature intended.


Lymph: Activates lymph in specific areas of the body to increase nutrient and germ-fighting white blood cells supplied to an area and waste removal from an area.


Matrixes: Energy configurations that are built up and can be helpful or harmful to the Bodymind; included here are ways to improve communication and relationships within families, businesses and groups.


Meridians: Used extensively in Chinese Medicine, this technique acknowledges the wisdom behind the concepts that are behind the art of acupuncture.

No needles are used in BodyTalk, and the effect is generally deeper as when done in acupuncture without the pins because we have the opportunity to listen to the psychological needs of the Bodymind, rather than just the energetic configurations.


Microbes:  a general term to cover viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

More Specific

More Specific: The practitioner is getting more specific information on the priority or links.

For example, if the heart is a priority, and innate wants to go more specific, we may be led to the tricuspid valve in the heart rather than the whole heart.

Another example in the case of an animal being the priority, more specific could lead us to a dog, and further exploring would lead us to fear of dogs from an incident of being bitten by a dog as a paperboy


Organs: Every system categorizes the human body differently; BodyTalk uses these categories, while recognizing that they could be (and are) categorized differently in other systems: lungs, heart, liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, kidneys. When the organs come up as a priority or a link, communication between them and other areas is being enhanced or re-established.

Pancreas Reflex Point

Pancreas Reflex Point: A destination on the protocol chart and a technique that balances the pancreas, generally re-establishes connection to the liver and the digestive system in general, which results in more energy and improvements to digestion.

Parallel Session

Parallel Session:  Another formula or sets of formulas solving at the same time.

It’s more details about “you” in a parallel dimension.


Permissions: Even though the practitioner has your verbal permission, permission is also established at the levels of: general, body, mind, and spirit to ensure the client is ready/willing for health to be addressed at all levels.


Planets: Brings the energy of a planet into the formula.

Bringing Venus into a formula, for example, will tend to harmonize; bringing in the sun will give more power or energy, etc.


Priority: The area of the Bodymind that innate wisdom is indicating as the key element necessary to reestablish communication with another area (link)…at that moment.

The priority will change, likely, with the next formula.

For example, the stomach to the spleen indicates that communication needs to be reestablished between the two areas; the stomach, because it comes up first, is referred to as the priority.

The link would be the spleen.

Protocol Charts

Protocol Charts: The charts that integrate various wisdom traditions healing systems and anatomy made by Dr. Veltheim that the practitioner refers to in order to establish what the priorities and links are communicated from the client’s Bodymind complex.


Reciprocals: Points on the body that influence the extrinsic energy systems of the body. (Provides a rapid form of communication between the various parts of the body.)

Reestablishing Communication

Reestablishing Communication: In the same way that a cut finger heals itself, your body can heal your health concerns once communication is reestablished.

If the brain, the blood, and the finger didn’t communicate chemically, platelet’s might form too slowly and inhibit clotting, so innate wisdom may indicate tapping out (Implementing) the blood to the platelets.
Occasionally the Bodymind will want to disassociate from an emotion or a memory that has an emotional charge that is leading you away from balance.

An example would be a subconsciously stored memory of a motor vehicle accident, details: June 10 2000 linked to the left knee (damaged in the accident) defined by fear.

The Bodymind wants to disassociate that charge rather than reestablish communication.

Once it does, the knee stops aching every time a number of subconscious factors come together, such as watching an accident on TV. The memory stays but the emotional charge is diffused.


Satellite:  A factor that can be a fixed part of a formula, or it could be roving and will be called upon to help solve the formula during many different times during the tap out.

For example, ever experience not being about to “go a song out of your head”? As if the song were a planet circling around your head?

Information and events can be made into such planets or satellites and can fix themselves or orbit any layer of our Bodymind complex.

If the Bodymind addresses satellites as a priority, It is communicating that the satellites technique is a priority to resolve or clear such satellites.

SB / Spheno-Basilar Junction

SB / Spheno-Basilar Junction: Cartilaginous junction of sphenoid & basilar portion of occipital bone that can result immediately in increased breathing capacity, memory, reduction or disappearance of tension headaches, ‘foggy’
head, depression, endocrine and digestive disorders and can protect against poor response to sessions.

Scars/ Blemishes

Scars/ Blemishes: These non-invasive techniques will unblock energy, blood, lymph, or nerve flow that has been impaired due to a scar or blemish.

For example, tapping out an appendix surgery scar could result in the disappearance of unexplained pain in
the groin.


Subsession: This is doing one or more formulas inside the BodyTalk session; this terminology refers to the holographic universe principle that everything is represented inside everything else.

A subsession could be done on the heart for example and could include several priorities and links.

Like in the movie inception, we can go layers and layers deep in or out with Consciousness for the Bodymind to express what it needs to resolve.


Switching: When this technique is performed, it raises the stress threshold.
That means that stressors that would normally ‘switch’ the brain off or into (self) destructive behavior wouldn’t affect the Bodymind.

When the brain is switched, common symptoms are: a feeling similar to the circuits being ‘blown’, mental confusion, memory lapses, left/right confusion, right/wrong confusion, poor reading comprehension, self-destructive behavior, and poor response to BodyTalk sessions.

Tapping (Vagal Nerve Stimulation)

Tapping (Vagal Nerve Stimulation): The practitioner has determined through innate wisdom that there are no further links or details necessary for the formula to solve itself.

Based on the destinations that your Bodymind addressed as priorities, the practitioner will have you place your hand above or on one of the areas involved in the formula, and will, using his/her hand, gently tap on, or above the head to get the brain involved, and then on the heart to store the information permanently, and therefore, get results that last.

Wei Qi

Wei Qi: Energy known as Wei Qi can be balanced to protect any organ, endocrine or body part. It can also balance emotional, climatic and psychic factors.