Downward Causation

How Consciousness Does Matter

What is psychoneuroimmunology?

As I learned, it is no less than the science of the interactions of mind and body,  the indissoluble unity of emotions and  physiology in human development and throughout life in health and illness. That dauntingly complicated word means simply that this discipline studies the ways that  the psyche–the mind and its content of emotions—profoundly interacts with the body’s nervous system and how both of them, in turn, form an essential link with our immune defenses.

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Some have called this new field psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology to indicate that the endocrine, or hormonal, apparatus is also a part of our system of whole body response.  Innovative research is uncovering just how these links function all the way down to the cellular level. We are discovering the scientific basis of what we have known before and have forgotten, to our great loss.

Mind and body links have to be seen not only for our understanding of illness, but also for our understanding of health.  Dr. Robert Maunder, on the psychiatric faculty of the University of Toronto, has written about the mind-body interface in disease. “Trying to identify and to answer the question of stress, “ he says, “is more likely to lead to health than ignoring the question.”   In healing, every bit of information, every piece of the truth may be crucial. If a link exists between emotions and physiology, not to inform people of it will deprive them of a powerful tool.

And here we confront the inadequacy of language.  Even to speak about links between mind and body is to imply that two discrete entities are somehow connected to each other.  Yet in life there is no such separation; there is no body that is not mind, and no mind that is not body.  The word mindbody has been suggested to convey the real state of things.

Not even in the West is mindbody thinking completely new.  In one of Plato’s dialogues Socrates quotes a Thracian doctor’s criticism of his Greek colleagues:  “This is the reason why the cure of so many diseases is unknown to the physicians of Hellas;  they are ignorant of the whole.  For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the mind from the body.”   You cannot split mind from body, said Socrates– nearly two and a half millennia before the advent of  psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology!

I have witnessed through ten years hearing people say they reached a wall of frustration with physical modalities. I would prefer western medicine to sow a cut, or cast a broken bone than use chakra balancing for physical issues. Western medicine has it’s place.

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And while it has it’s place, it also has sever limitations in what it can effect. The history of physical anatomy perhaps thought, “If we take things apart, separate and isolate them, and learn about all the individual pieces that will resolve most anything.” Yet, it’s perhaps more logical to see the perspective that just because you can take a part a watch to see the gears doesn’t mean that a gear is going to tell you the time of day.

We have been educated to believe and think that physical symptoms arise from physical issues. When it comes to psychological and emotional pain, we have learned that more subtle distorted energy dynamics are more likely the underlying factors contributing to physical pain.

And there is a distinction to be made from what we perceive the symptom to be, and what it actually is.

It’s never one thing, and when we try to take apart something, we learn it is intimately linked to everything else.

Body Psychology

Physical Benefits

  • Brain, heart, and gut-brain coherence
  • Heart coherence
  • Right and left hemisphere synchronization
  •  Improved communication among:
    • Cells
    • Organs
    • Endocrines
    • Body parts and systems

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  • Improved sphenoid basilar function
  • Better, deeper and more conscious breathing
  • Hormonal balance
  • Improved neurotransmitter communication
  • Cellular hydration
  • Improved circulation in:
    • Blood
    • Nerve
    • Lymph
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved muscle tensegrity
  • Musculoskeletal alignment
  • Cellular repair
  • Healed scar tissue
  • Improved lymph drain
  • Spine alignment

Energy Benefits

  • Increases wei qi
  • Improved meridian function
  • Balanced, coherent chakra spin
  • Improved relationship with the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna

Mental / Psychological Benefits

  • Balanced emotions 
  • Neutralizing charged perception to active memories from:
    • Fetal life
    • Child Birth
    • Childhood
    • Adolescence
    • Adulthood

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  • Dissociating from root self-sabotaging beliefs around
    • Money
    • Work
    • Relationship (with self and others)
    • Time
    • Activities
    • Behaviors
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Sex
    • Sensuality
  • Clear root fears and phobias

Environmental Benefits

  • Improved relationship with general environment
  • Balanced elemental function, psychology and consciousness
  • Calibrated and aligned birth and body vixaxis
  • Improved coherence to planetary influences

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  • Improved group / matrix coherence in:
    • Family
    • Co-workers
    • Relationship
    • Ancestry
  • Resolved 8th chakra memories